About us

Welcome to the Bratton Baptist Church website

You can explore the site by using the links – we hope you like what you see! We’ve tried to include not just the facts about our church but also to capture a bit of who we are. The heart of our church family is that all of us might encounter the love of God through our words and actions, not just on a Sunday but in everyday life. We intend to be CHRIST-LED and GOSPEL-CENTERED and in so doing, live out our mission statement – ‘Loving God, Loving Others’.

What is Bratton Baptist Church?

You might be surprised to hear it’s not the building in the picture (that’s just where we meet) but a group of people of all ages living in Bratton and the surrounding area who have FAITH that what Jesus Christ taught is good and true, and if followed will transform everyone’s lives for the better, and who are DEVOTED to living out his teaching.

What do we do?

Our faith and devotion is demonstrated in a number of ways:

  • A devotion to worship God, the “Father” that Jesus taught us about
  • A devotion to helping and supporting one another
  • A devotion to helping others, both locally (e.g. Comets) or further afield (e.g. FOMO)

Our mission is for everyone to understand and live out the teaching of Jesus Christ.

What about you?

We believe that when Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and life” he was right, and that real fulfilment in life can only come by following him. Without that we will always be searching for something, whether it be spiritual, material or just thrills, and finding it is never quite enough.

A challenge for you:

Have a look in the Bible at what Jesus actually said, and see if you can disagree that if we all followed this to the full it would transform people’s lives, and this world, for the better. Look at any of the Bible’s four gospels written by Matthew, Mark, Luke or John to do this (Mark is the shortest, most straightforward summary).

Any questions? Just call or email or come along to one of our services. We’d be happy to chat, and you will be assured of a warm welcome. If you would like any further information about the Church please get in contact with us. We would love to hear from you. Our address is: simon@brattonbaptistchurch.org.uk



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